Private Schools

The decisions parents make about education are some of the most complex and difficult they are faced with when raising children. Just as each child is different, so too are their educational needs. For many parents, public schools are a wonderful option but when they aren’t a great fit for your family figuring out next steps can be daunting.

If you are considering private school, then we encourage you to start your journey here. Below you’ll find school spotlights, parent reviews and more, all of which can help you in making this personal decision. However, we encourage parents to make sure they take the time to thoroughly examine any school they are considering. Tour the facilities, visit with admissions officers and teachers, and ask as many questions as you can.

Riverhill School | 2710 Derby Dr., Florence | 256-764-8200 | preK-6th

Covenant | 1900 Covenant Dr., Tuscumbia | 256-383-4436 | preK-12th

Mars Hill Bible School | 698 Cox Creek Parkway, Florence | 256-767-1203 | preK-12th

Shoals Christian | 301 Heathrow Dr., Florence | 256-767-7070 | preK-12th

Kilby | 611 N. Pine St., Florence | 256-765-4303 | preK-6th

St. Joseph Catholic | 115 Plum St., Florence | 256-766-1923 | preK-8th